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Lubuntu 14.04 LTS – Fast, Small, and Easy to use Linux Operating System for Desktops and Laptops


Lubuntu 14.10 LTS Trusty Tahr is the latest operating system from Lubuntu for desktop, and laptop computers. It is great for older computers with slower CPUs like Single and Dual-Core CPUs under 2GHz in speed, less RAM like 512MBs of RAM, onboard video, and smaller hard drives in the 20GB or smaller range.

Lubuntu is a free PC operating system  based on Ubuntu Linux. But, Lubuntu uses the LXDE lightweight desktop environment, and comes with faster lighter programs like Abiword which run faster on slower and older computer compared to LibreOffice which uses more hard drive space, and is not as fast on older PCs. The LXDE desktop also use less RAM, and CPU resources, so it would extend your battery life on your laptop, or uses less power from your home’s power. In my experience, Lubuntu uses 155MB of RAM, and 1-2% CPU cycle resources after I start up my computer in Lubuntu 14.10.A computer will also run more cooler because it is not working as hard because of the low CPU, low RAM, and low video card usage, so your computer may last longer because it does not get as hot, and the fans don’t spin as fast causing them to wear out faster. A computer may also run quieter because newer computers and laptops don’t spin up their cooling fans as fast when the computer is not running very hot.

Lubuntu also is safer to use than other operating system because there are no viruses which easily infect Lubuntu, and the programs in the Lubuntu Software Center are safe to use.

The low storage requirements of Lubuntu would make it a good operating system to install on a cheaper SSD solid state hard drive which are 16-32GB size range. The benefits of a SSD is no noise, less heat, lower power usage, less heavy, and it is more durable because there are no moving parts.

The LXDE desktop is also great for keyboard and mouse computers which do not use a touchscreen to use programs because the LXDE desktop environment in Lubuntu has features like a taskbar, application launcher similar to the startmenu in Windows, and resizeable windows which can be easily closed, maximized, minimized, and resized. Lubuntu is the best Windows Alternative operating system based on Linux because Lubuntu is simple to use, runs faster than Windows Vista and above, and it crashes less.

I also like that there are no visible changes to the Lubuntu user interface, and settings, so I don’t need to learn how to use Lubuntu 14.04 LTS because I already know how to use Lubuntu 13.10, and the user interface is similar to Windows, and other desktop operating systems like Linux Mint.

The latest version of Lubuntu runs fast on my older 2007 computer with a 1.86 GHz Dual-Core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, onboard sound and Nvidia GT 620 1GB video card. The startup time for Lubuntu takes less than a minute after I turn on my computer. Programs also start very quickly when I launch the from the desktop, or Applications menu on the bottom left of the desktop. I can use Lubuntu for hours, and it still runs very fast.  Programs like web browsers, video media players, music players, and office suites rarely crash or freeze in Lubuntu 14.10. Lubuntu is also pretty good for gaming because of its low system requirements. Minimizing, maximizing, restoring, and closing programs and files in Lubuntu is pretty fast. Scrolling up and down on web pages, documents, etc is also pretty smooth. Watching HD video on Lubuntu plays pretty good, too. Listening to music/audio in Lubuntu sounds good as well even with my onboard soundcard.

Lubuntu can run all the latest web browsers from Firefox, and Google Chrome, and popular web browser add-on like Adobe Flash Player, Java, etc, so you can use Lubuntu to view video, and listen to music on popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

Compatible video players like VLC media player can play almost all video, and music files in my experience.

I also notice that files, and webpages open faster because Lubuntu is so fast that it does not slow down my computer like Windows Vista-8.1 which runs more slowly on older computers with slower performance.

Lubuntu is also a smaller operating system which does not take up as much hard drive space as other operating systems like Windows because it only needs 5GB of space, so I cann install Lubuntu on older hard drives, and SSD drives with 5GB or more hard drive space. Lubnutu is a great operating system for netbooks and cheaper laptops which come with smaller hard drives, and slower computer parts because Lubuntu can be installed on smaller hard drives, and SSD drives, and can run on slower CPUs, and does not require much RAM. In my experience, Lubuntu uses 426MB of RAM when Firefox web browser is open.

Lubuntu is a small operating system, but it comes with a lot of useful software like media players, the Chromium web browser, and office software. Lubuntu is also compatible with a lot of great software like Firefox, VLC media player, SMplayer, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Filezilla, Gimp, and many games from Steam, and the Lubuntu Software Center. The Lubuntu software center which is Lubuntu software store has a lot of free programs, games, and add-ons which I can easily install in Lubuntu. The Lubuntu software center is very easy to use because there are categories for finding different types of software by category, or I can search for software to install. When I find software I want to install, I just need to click the install button to install the software from the internet.

Lubuntu user interface is designed for keyboard and mouse computer, and there is also a user interface for netbook users which seem to run faster, and is easier to use on computers with low resolution and smaller screens. All windows in Lubuntu can be easily minimize, maximize, and closed from buttons on the top right of the window, or from the programs button on the taskbar by right clicking the button. The File Manager program called PCManFM is also very fast, and easy to use. There is also a Startmenu program on the bottom right where I can easily find programs I want to open, and use.

Upgrading to Lubuntu 14.04 LTS from Lubuntu 13.10 is also pretty easy. I just need to use the software updater tool found in the system tools menu, and press the Upgrade button, and agree to upgrade to Lubuntu 13.10. I also occasionally need to click the OK button a few times during the upgrade. After the upgrade, I notice Lubuntu uses less storage space on my hard drive, and shut downs faster than 13.10. It also upgraded my Nvidia video card driver to a newer version. The software updater tool is also use to keep Lubuntu, and most of Lubuntu software like Firefox, Adobe Flash Player, etc updated by installing software updates. Adjusting the colors of the titlebar on Windows, taskbar, and changing the desktop wallpaper is also pretty simple by using the preferences program in the start menu.

Lubuntu is a great operating system for older and slower computers which use a keyboard and mouse for controlling it. Lubuntu is very fast, stable, and easy to use because its user interface is very similar to other desktop operating systems like Windows 95-XP.

Learn more about Lubuntu, and download your free copy of Lubuntu 14.04 LTS at Lubuntu.net

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