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Android Assistant – Easily speed up, clean up, and improves Google Android smartphone and tablet

Android Assistant is a easy to use, and fast system utility program for Google Android. Using Android Assistant can make your slow Google Android smartphone or tablet perform faster, have more free space by deleting un-needed cache files, and old temporary files on your devices storage, and also improve your battery life by using the Battery saver tool. It has a lot of features which include a cache cleaner, system cleaners, battery saver tool, file manager, startup managers, batch installer, batch uninstaller, process battery use monitor, volume and ringer controls, startup time, startup silencer, system info, memory widget, and App 2 SD.

Android Assistant opens in a few seconds after tapping on the shortcut in my home screen. It also displays how long it takes for Android to start up during the Android start up has finished.

The main screen for Android Assistant is useful for seeing the RAM, CPU, and battery usage of  Google Android. There is also a Battery saver tool which make it fast, and simple for users to turn off features like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc, and lower the brightness of the screen to save power.

I have mostly been using the Cache Cleaner, and System to free up many MBs of storage space. Scanning and Cleaning App cache, and un-needed temporary files and folders is pretty fast with Android Assistant. The Task killer is also useful at freeing up RAM and CPU cycles in Google Android on my Nexus 7, so playing games, and doing other tasks like browsing the web is faster.

The startup manage is also good as well for stopping programs from starting up during Android start up, so your Android phone or tablet start up faster, and use less system resources during start up and while you use your mobile Android device.

There is also a Apps2SD program which is useful for people who have phones, and tablets which support moving Apps to a SD card to free up space on the internal memory card.

The batch uninstaller makes uninstalling multiple Android Apps at once very fast, and easy to do.

I also like the small download size of Android Assistant which is about 1 MB in size, instead of many more MBs like other system utility program for Android.

Android Assistant is available at Google Play, and the Amazon App store.

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