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Advanced Mobile Care by Iobit – Free All-in-One System Utility App for Google Android

Advance Mobile Care

Advanced Mobile Care is an All-In-One System Utility App which would make your Google Android tablet, and smartphone use less storage space,  memory/RAM, CPU cycles, and keep it secure with its built-in virus scanner, privacy locker, and anti-theft tool. It also has a battery saver app for extending the battery life for your phone or tablet.

Advanced Mobile Care is made by Iobit who makes the well known Advances System Care for maintaining Windows  computers from malware, registry problems, and performance problems.

After installing Advanced mobile care, there is a scan button which is used to scan Google Android for virus and malware, junk cache files, un-needed background tasks which can be stop, and other junk files which take up space. When the scan is done, you have the option of removing viruses, stopping un-needed tasks, clearing your cache, and deleting junk files by clicking the Repair button.  It usually only takes a few minutes to do a scan, and repair.

I like the easy to use user interface in Advanced Mobile Care because it just requires two taps to clean up Google Android, and accessing the other features in AMC is very simple from the main menu. The program also has instructions on how to use it. I like the black and blue neon theme.

Advanced Mobile Care has a feature called Game Speeder which organize your game shortcut, and launch them, so your games run faster with no disturbances, and slow downs while you are gaming.

There is an App Manager for Advanced Mobile Care to easily see what apps are installed on Google Android, uninstall apps you don’t want any more, and move them to an External SD Card if your version of Android has the Apps to SD function.

If you find your battery is always draining fast, using the Battery saving program in Advanced Mobile Care will make your battery last longer. The Battery Saver program will turn off power draining features like Bluetooth, Screen Brightness, Wi-fi, sound, etc to extend your battery life, so you are not always charging it.

The Task Killer in AMC can also save battery life by stopping un-needed tasks which also speeds up Google Android because fewer background apps are using up RAM, and CPU Cycles when un-needed Tasks are killed.

Advanced Mobile Care also has a Privacy checker to inform you which Apps may leak your private infotrmation to Apps, and strangers, and there is a Privacy locker which lock up your private photos, videos, files, etc in a password protected locker where you need to enter a 6 character or longer number password like 453626436384 to open your password protected files.

The Antitheft feature in AMC help you locate your stolen or missing phone, and you can use the Cloud backup feature to save your contact list information to Iobit’s website.

Iobit also adds a battery level icon on the top left of Google Android’s screen, so you always know how much battery power is left in your device. There is also a homescreen widget for performing a quick scan, and changing the power saving mode from the Android Homescreen.

Iobit’s Advanced Mobile Care is a simple, and free way to extend the life of your Google Android device by removing junk files, killing un-needed tasks, uninstalling un-needed apps, and keeping it free of viruses, so your phone and tablet will have many years of use without performance and security problems.

You can download Advanced Mobile Care by searching for it from Google Play and at http://www.iobit.com/advanced-mobile-care.php

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    I want to download iball andi 3.5kke pc suite.so no.found any my mobile model.

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