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Feedly RSS News Reader – Fast, Simple, and Great way of reading News on Google Android

Feedly is the best way to quickly read the news, or news topics like tech, food, and entertainment in Google Android because Feedly is more convenient than most web browsers, and also starts up faster. Feedly also runs faster than other news readers for Android in my experience, so I can read more articles in a shorter amount of time rather than waiting for images to load on articles.  I can also disable thumbnail images from loading in the article lists in Feedly to make article lists load faster, and save bandwidth.  Using Feedly would also save you bandwidth because it only loads the images, text, and video instead of everything on a website which would use more bandwidth. Using less bandwidth would save you money if you are on a limited internet connection Data plan, and will make your phone and tablet use less power since there is less to download.

I like the white clean magazine like theme for Feedly’s user interface, it makes reading a lot easier, and in the settings, I can change the font, and font size for a more comfortable reading experience. There is even a mode called night mode for more easy reading at night or darker rooms. To read more articles when you are finish reading one article, you swipe your finger to the right to read another article.

Switching folders, or news sites is very simple, you swipe your finger from the left edge of your screen to the center, and the news sources appear where you can switch news folders, or to an individual website’s RSS feed to read articles. In the navigation bar, you can also remove news sources, and change the settings like theme, font size, font type, and more  in Feedly’s user interface.

Feedly also has a website at Feedly.com which you can use to read your subscriptions on your laptop, and desktop which runs Windows, Mac or Linux.

Adding new blogs, content sites, and news sources to Feedly is easy with the built-in search engine and topic directory for Feedly. All you need to do is search for your favourite blogs to add them to Feedly, or browse the content topic directory in Feedly to add blogs, and content sites which you may like to read. If you previously had a Google Reader Account before Reader shut down, you can sync your old subscriprions to Feedly, so you do not have to resubscribe to blogs with Feedly.

With Feedly, it is also very easy to save articles to read when you are offline if you use Pocket, and Instapaper, and you can share interesting articles with friends and family with Feedly’s built-in sharing features, so you can use E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social networking sites to share articles  online.

Feedly is a very stable, fast, and easy to use RSS News Reader App for Android when I use it on my Android tablet. The web browser built-into Feedly is also pretty fast, and I can also use an external web browser to load links, and articles if I need a more feature rich web browser when I want to go to the website to read comments, or leave a comment.

You can download Feedly by searching for it in Google Play, or by going to Amazon App store which also has Feedly

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