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Glary Utilities 3 Free – Clean, optimize, and speed up Windows in 1 Click of the Mouse

Glary Utilities 3 Free

I am a happy long time user of the free version of Glary Utilities 2 Free which I used to maintain my Windows computer. Glary Utilities 3 Free is now in available, and it works great at maintaining my Windows 8 computer with 1 Click of the mouse with the 1-Click Maintenance tab.

The 1 Click Maintenance Wizard cleans Windows Registry, fixes shortcut, removes spyware, repair hard disk, remove your internet and recently open items history, cleans your temporary files, and check startup enteries. You just need to click  the Scan for Issues button. You can also go into the options to check more items to clean, or unselect items you do not want to clean.

Scanning only takes a few minutes, or less, and repairing is quick. According to Glary’s website scanning is 800% faster in Glary Utilies 3 than its older program.

If Glary Utilities remove a registry key, or something your computer need, you can use the Restore wizard in Glary Utilities to restore the registry keys, startup entries, or do a system restore in the Restore wizard.

In the Advance Tab, there is now a disk defragment and disk repair programs which is new to Glary Utilities 3.

Glary Utilities also comes with 20+ free system utility program like registry cleaner, disk cleaner, shortcut fixer, registry defrag, boot time defrag, file encryption, malware scanner,  file splitter, file shredder, history eraser, startup manager, context menu program,  system info app, program uninstaller, updates checker, disk space analyzer and many others programs found in the Advance Tools tab.

I like the new modern design for Glary Utilities 3 because it is bigger, and easier to find programs in the Advance Tools tab compared to older versions.

Glary Utilities also come with a few extra themes in the Themes section. There are dark, light, and modern looking themes.

Checking for updates is also easy by going to the Overview Tab, anc clicking on  Check for Updates. There is also an Program update checker to check your thirdparty software for new versions, so your computer is more secure, and running the latest version of software programs which you have installed on your computer.

Glary Utilities 3 Free is a great program for easily repairing, optimizing, speeding up, securing, erasing your private history in  Windows with a few clicks of the mouse.

Learn more about Glary Utilities 3 Free at glarysoft.com/glary-utilities-3

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