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Nova Launcher Fast Simple Android Launcher Homescreen App for Google Android

Nova Launcher for Google Android

I have been using Nova Launcher for a few weeks on my Asus Google Nexus 7 to replace the standard default launcher for Google Android 4.2.2. I like that I can add Shortcuts to the home screen by just holding down my finger in an empty space like the launcher for Google Android Gingerbread. I can also open the app drawer/all apps, and long press on an app, or widget which I want to add to my Homescreen, and drag it to the desired location like in Google Android 4.2.

If you know how to use the default launcher in Google Android 2.3 and other versions of Android, it should be easy to learn how to use Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher is easy to use, and fast in my experience. I like how it is easy to add and remove home screens, and add widgets and shortcuts to the homescreen by just long pressing on the home screen, or in the settings.

The Scrolling Speed in Nova Launcher is also very fast, and responsive when using my finger to swipe to the next homescreen.

The Dock at the bottom of Nova Launcher is also pretty good. I like that I can put 7 shortcuts per page, and there are 3 pages for the dock, so I can put up to 21 shortcuts on the Dock.

The special effects when switching home screens and pages in Nova Dock are very fun. There is a cube, and card stack animation for Nova Launcher homescreen animation. The Animations are very smooth, and fast while not slowing down my tablet. I like the Infinite scroll setting in Nova Launcher since it makes flipping through my Homescreen, and App and Widget  Drawer simple, and fast since once I reach the last page, and scroll to the next page, Nova goes back to the first page.

It is also possible to make folders, (change the appearance of the folder icon and, hide apps in the prime version), and make gestures to make Nova Launcher Prime more unique. Changing the background in Nova Launcher is also very easy in the settings. You can also learn more about apps, uninstall apps, remove app from homescreen, and rename apps by long pressing an App in Nova Launcer Home Screen, so Nova Launcher can also be used as an app uninstaller as well.

Nova Launcher is also very stable in Google Android 4.2.2, and never crashes in my experience when using it.

I can also backup and restore my settings in Nova Launcher, so if I need to re-install Android, or buy a new Android device to install Nova Launcher on, I can easily restore my Nova Launcher settings with a backup file rather than manually changing the settings which takes longer.

If you are looking for a new launcher for Android which is fast, easy to use, and attractive, I recommend you check out Nova Launcher at novalauncher.com

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