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ProCase Nvidia Shield Tablet Leather Stand Folio Cover Case – Nice Affordable Shield tablet Stand Case

I have been using a ProCase Nvidia Shield Tablet Leather Stand Folio Cover Case for a few months to protect my Nvidia Shield K1 tablet from damage like scratches, and keep it clean dirt/dust. It currently costs $13.99 US Dollars on Amazon, so the case is more affordable than other cases for the Nvidia Shield Tablet.  The ProCase Nvidia Shield case works nicely at protecting my Nvidia Shield’s screen and the rest of its device like the back and sides. The front is slightly raise, and holes for the camera, so your front camera is also protected, and won’t scratch when sliding the case across a smooth table.

I like the thin, simple, durable, and lightweight design of the case. The corners of the case are rounded, and the front of the case is covered in a soft leather material with a slightly rough texture like a leather chair, so it is easy to grip. The inside of the case is covered in a soft felt material on the inside. The leather case is also slightly raise from the screen, so the case door does not touch the screen, so your screen won’t get scratches from dirt and  dust on the door because the door does not touches the screen when the case is closed.  The materials of the case makes it easy to hold when I am using, and not using my tablet when the door is closed. The case’s door is also a stand which you can fold into a triangle to use in an upright, or horizontal position. The case is also sewed together with string, so it should be pretty durable. The case’s material does not bend, and flex, so it keeps it shape after using it for a few months. 

The case has a hole cut outs for the front and back camera, volume, and power buttons. It also does not cover the two front speakers, the light sensor on the left of the tablet, charging Micro-USB port, micro-HDMI port, and MicroSD memory card slot, so I can use the tablet properly without removing the tablet from the case. I can charge my tablet’s buttons, use the headphone jack, Micro-HDMI jack, and access the MicroSD card while the case is still on my Nvidia Shield tabler. There is also a small cut out on the left for easily accessing the built-in stylus for the first generation of the Nvidia Shield tablet with a built-in Removable Stylus.

There is velcro which holds the tablet in the case, and you can easily slide the Shield tablet in and out of the case’s pocket which hold the Shield. The case’s door is magnetic, so it securely holds the case door closed while you are not using it. The magnet also acts as an on/off switch for the screen because the Shield’s screen turns off automatically when there is an magnetic case door over its glass, and it turns ON the screen when the magnet is no longer on the door. The case also has a leather made elastic hand strap for easy and secure one-hand operation of tablet. The Strap is pretty comfortable to use. It is tight enough where the tablet is unlikely to fall out from my hand with the strap on it. The strap is not overly tight, so it won’t make my hand feel pain from the strap being too tight.The back of the case’s door has a soft felt material which makes it easy to hold and makes the case not slippery. The case is very light to hold because it weighs  3.4 ounces.  The case is 8.9 x 5.1 x 0.3 inches in size.The case is also very durable. I like the leather material on the front of the case. It is not shinny, so it does not reflect a lot of light, or pick up a lot of finger prints like shiny plastic or metal. There is a built-in stylus pen holder on the top of the case to hold a regular sized touchscreen capacitive Stylus pen or thicker regular pen.

The screen cover is also a stand when I fold it in a triangle shape, and use a tab at the back of the case to slide in the cover. The stand is very secure, and never unlatched itself when using the case door in a stand mode. It takes a few seconds to fold the case’s door into a stand. The soft felt material on the back of the case’s door also makes the stand less slippery when on a slippery table like a glass or metal table.

The Stand has a vertical mode which holds the Shield tablet in an upwards position with a slight backwards angle like a laptop, and the base uses less space. The backwards angle help reduce reflection from lights, and the sun when your head is higher than the tablet. The Backwards angle also makes the Shields’ front speaker sound point upwards towards my ears which means music, and audio sounds louder even at lower volume settings. The backwards angle make video and voice chats better because the camera, microphone, and speakers are all pointing at your head instead of below your shoulders or the ceiling if you are holding the tablet too high or low with your hands during a video call, or voice chat.  The vertical stand mode is also good for using your tablet on a smaller table, or to save space on your table while watch video on a table which has a lot of stuff on it. I sometimes use the case in vertical stand mode to play action and shooter games which mainly use touch controls. The stand makes it more comfortable for me to play games because I do not need to physically hold the tablet, and the tablet is positioned well, so I am not staring down on my tablet on my knees, and bending my back a lot which can be uncomfortable after a long period of time. I can also focus more on playing games instead of focus on holding my tablet securely with both hands when I use a tablet without a stand. I also play games with the Nvidia Shield wireless gamepad controller, and a stand case, or stand is needed to hold up the Nvidia shield tablet at a good position, so I can view the tablet like a TV or laptop monitor while I play games with my Shield controller. The vertical stand mode is also good if you use a physical Bluetooth or USB keyboard for your Nvidia Shield tablet since the stand holds the tablet up like a laptop, so viewing the tablet is more comfortable when you type.

There is also a horizontal/landscape mode which makes the Shield lay flat on your table with a slight upwards angle like a keyboard for more comfortable typing or drawing when the tablet has a slight upwards angle, the base of the stand has a larger surface area, and the height of the stand is shorter. The horizontal mode makes it easier for users to use the tablet to type faster with the on-screen keyboard in landscape mode, draw in landscape mode with a drawing app, and play touchscreen games which display game levels in a horizontal screen position like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja in landscape mode without tipping over the tablet even when I tap and swipe on the tablets screen very hard, and fast.

ProCase NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 Folio Stand Case is a nice affordable $13.99 folio stand case for the Nvidia Shield tablet. The case is lightweight, durable, easy to use, and looks very nice. The stand on the case works great at using to watch video, video chat, and type on when in the horizontal stand position.

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