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Uninstaller for Google Android – Fast Simple App Uninstaller Uninstalls Unwanted Apps on Android

Uninstaller App for google android

Uninstaller made by Rhythm Software is a free app uninstaller/remover app for uninstalling your unwanted apps which you installed yourself, or were installed by your device maker, and other apps. The advantages of removing unwanted apps is that you have more free space, so you can install other apps, download more files to your device, and your device runs faster because some apps like social networking apps run in the background until you uninstall them. Once you uninstall background apps, you should have more free RAM, and CPU cycles for running other apps like web browsers, office programs. and games.

I like that Uninstaller is simple to use, and faster than using the built-in uninstaller in Android because Uninstaller user interface loads quickly, and is very lightweight.

I like the look of its launcher icon which is a recycle bin, and the user interface which makes it easy for me to turn on Single uninstall, and batch uninstall with a tap of the button in the menu. It is also easy to change the way apps are sorted by name, size, and install date on Uninstaller’s installed apps list.

Uninstaller starts up quickly after I launch it from my homescreen, and uninstalls apps very fast when I use it. It is reliable to use, and never crashed when I use it.

Uninstaller is also very easy to use. I can uninstall an app with a single tap. Uninstaller also has batch uninstall which is useful when I want to uninstall multiple apps at once.

Uninstaller can show application name, version, installation time and size of app. You can search applications by name in uninstaller. It has many different sorting modes to sort apps by name, size, and install date in ascending and descending order on the list on Uninstaller app.

Uninstaller can highlight app by name with a TF icon. Uninstaller also filters system apps like Google Chrome which cannot be uninstalled with Uninstaller.

Using Uninstaller makes it easier to uninstall apps which you downloaded from a website instead of Google Play., and used an APK file to install, so you can’t uninstall the app using Google Play’s Your Apps section because you did not install it from Google Play. Uninstaller lists all the apps that it could uninstall on its app, so you do not need to open multiple app stores like Google, Amazon, 1Mobile, or go to Android settings to look for the App uninstaller shortcuts on your own.

You can also long tap individual apps to uninstall the app, launch the app, open the Applications details page, and search Google Play for the App.

The launch feature is useful for opening the app if you forgot what the app does, or if the App name on Uninstaller is not the full name. The Applications Detail page is the App Info page for the App where you can force stop an App to hibernate it, and save RAM, and CPU resources, uninstall the app, clear the app’s data, clear cache, manage space. clear defaults if you set the app as your default media player, or web browser, and also see what permissions the app has in Google Android. The Search Google Play Feature will search for the App on Google Play, and open the app page if it exist on Google Play.

In the settings of Uninstaller, you can turn, on and off the notification bar icon, tap on a shortcut to buy the paid pro version to remove the banner ads, and support the maker of Uninstaller. The paid version also has a smaller file size of 85 K, so it uses less storage space on your device. There is also an About button which shows you the version of Uninstaller, and a more button which brings you to a link of Rhythm Software’s Apps which are published to Google Play.

Uninstaller uses very little storage space on Google Android device’s storage because the size of the app is only 113K. It also works on very old versions of Google Android like 1.5 and newer versions of Android.

Uninstaller is a free lightweight app uninstaller/remover which quickly, and easily uninstalls unwanted apps which you or your device maker installed on Google Android.

Download Uninstaller by Rhythm Software at Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rhythm.hexise.uninst

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