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Avant Browser Ultimate – Fast 3-in-1 Web Browser with Many Nice Features

Avant Web Browser for Windows

Avant Browser is one of the best free tab web browsers for Windows based computers because it is very fast, stable, and has a lot of great features.

It’s user interface is easy to use because it has all the features like address bar, tabs, and navigation bar found on other web browsers. It is possible to change the skin/theme of Avant, so it looks like Internet Explorer with the classic menu bar on top of the web browser when you change the theme to “Windows Traditional” in the Skins selector which you can use by right clicking an empty spot on a toolbar in Avant, or by using the tools menu in Avant. Avant also comes with 24 nice looking skins/themes built-into the browser, so you could change the theme to a theme which looks best on your PC, and you like more. I like that it is possible to hide toolbars, buttons, and features which I do not use in Avant, so I have more screen space. I like that the tabs also has a status indicator to tell me when a website is done loading, so I can continue to be on one site while another tab is still loading.

Avant is designed to not freeze, use less RAM, and CPU resources, and work quickly most of the time. I used it for many years as my main web browser in Windows since Windows Vista/2007, and it works pretty well as a web browser for browsing the web, checking webmail, and more. It also uses very little RAM/Memory, and CPU resources even when I have many tabs opened in Avant which is installed on my Windows computer with 3GB of RAM, and a dual-core CPU. Opening up Avant, loading websites, scrolling up and down websites, switching tabs, and changing settings in Avant is very fast, and smooth in my experience.

The Ultimate version of Avant has three website rendering engines which are Trident/Internet Explorer, Gecko/Firefox, and WebKit/Chrome, so it is like having 3 browsers built into one program. It is easy to switch rendering engines, and make rules, so specific websites use a rendering engine of your choice like Firefox.com uses Gecko, YouTube.com uses Webkit, and Bing.com uses Trident. Having 3 Rendering engines means Avant is compatible with almost all websites online. There is also an Internet Explorer Compatible mode which you can use if you are on an older website which requires an older version of IE like IE 5.0-6.0 to work properly.

Most websites which I use like YouTube, Google, blogs, and forums work on Avant, and don’t have problems displaying a site.

There is also a Lite version of Avant which just uses the internet explorer trident web layout engine, and is 4.28 MB in size . The light version is better for older computers with less RAM, Storage and CPU resources.

There is a Video Sniffer downloading tool which let you download videos on websites without the need to download, and install another program like other web browsers.

Avant’s Download Accelerator makes downloading files from websites like online e-mail, and download sites a lot faster because it download files in multiple-threads. The download manager makes managing files a lot faster, and easier.

Avant has multi-processing, so if one website tab crashes, it won’t crash the whole web browser, so you can continue surfing the web on other website tabs/windows you have opened.

Avant Browser has Split View which let you view multiple websites on one tab which makes it possible for you to watch an online video on one site while you check email on the same tab.

I can set Avant Browser to be always on Top in Windows, so I can use it to browse the web while I also use other programs like Word Processors, and Spreadsheets.

Private Browsing in Avant lets me browse the web privately in Avant because Avant will delete my browsing history when I close Avant Browser. It is also easy to manually clear my browsing history when I browse in a non-private Avant Browser Window. I just need to go to Tools menu, and clear records where I can clear cookies, and other records, or choose to clear all my browsing data.

Avant Browser also lets you sync your settings, bookmarks, passwords, and RSS Feeds with other computers with Avant browser installed on it when you sign up for an online storage account on Avant, so you can access your settings, bookmarks, rss feeds, and passwords online from any Windows PC which has internet, and a copy of Avant browser installed on it.

There are a lot of other cool features like online auto-fill for filling in passwords, mouse gestures, pop-up blocker, full screen web browsing, flash animation filter, flash block, script block, picture blocker, RSS reader, and multi-document interface in Avant Browser. With so many features, you would not need to install extra add-ons, and plug-ins to Avant, so Avant will remain fast because it won’t be slowed down by third party add-ons and plug-ins which can slow down Avant, and your PC.

Avant Browser is a fast lightweight web browser with 3 web layout engines, so it should work with most sites. It also has a lot of nice features which makes browsing the web a lot faster, and more productive.

Download Avant Browser at http://avantbrowser.com/

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