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CCleaner by Piriform – Easy to use System Utility app to speed up, clean up junk files Google Android

Piriform CCleaner for Google Android

CCleaner by Piriform is a free simple to use system  utility app for Google Android.  CCleaner for Android is made by the same company which makes the popular CCleaner disk cleanup system utility program for Windows, and Mac.  I like the flat, and easy to use user interface which is easy to check, and clean by hitting the clean button. CCleaner is also only 2.2MB in size, so it is very small, and uses a small amount of storage space on your device. CCleaner starts up pretty fast after tapping the shortcut icon on my homescreen, and also runs scans, and clean up fast as well.

CCleaner will clean up un-needed cache files,  Android’s Clipboard, and Downloaded files. It also can kill background apps, and services which can slow down your smartphone and tablet, and also drain your battery when a lot of background apps are running in the background. It also comes with an App Manager for uninstalling multiple programs at once, and seeing which apps use the most space. There is also a System Info section for learning more about your device like how much battery life is left, battery temperature, and the ram and CPU usage of Google Android.

CCleaner show how much Memory/RAM, and storage space which your device is using on the top of CCleaner’s app. When you click the analyze button on the App’s bottom left, CCleaner shows how much storage space and RAM is recovered after you press the Clean button on the App’s bottom right.  You can tap on the Cache, Clipboard, Downloaded Files section to see which apps are using up space in your Cache, Clipboard, Downloaded Files, etc. CCleaner also can delete empty folders on your Android storage drive. It can delete call logs and SMS text messages individually, in bulk, by age or by contact. It also has shortcuts to Google Chrome, and other apps’ properties page where you can manually remove data, clear cache, and clear default settings.

Tapping on the Processes button will show you which apps are running.

After you select the cleaning categories like cache, Android’s Clipboard, empty folders, Downloaded files, processes, etc, you tap on the Clean button to start the cleaning task. It usually only takes a few seconds or minutes to clean a device of junk files, and stop background apps.

CCleaner is a simple to use, fast, and reliable system utility App for Google Android 4.0 and above for cleaning up junk files, stopping background programs, uninstalling unwanted apps, and learning more about your device.

You can download, and install CCleaner at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.piriform.ccleaner

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