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How to disable Navigational Bar Google Search Home Ring in Google Android 4.1-4.4

Getting rid of the Navigational bar search ring when you swipe up from the home screen is simple to do, and makes Android less distracting to use because you won’t accidentally launch Google Search, and see the ring or other apps when accidentally swiping up from the home screen, or long pressing the home button too long. Disabling Google Search also removes the small transparent arrow pointing upwards at the bottom center of the lock screen, so my lock screen looks more clean.

Your device does not need to be rooted to disable the Google Search Ring on Google Android.

To fully disable the Swipe Ring when you swipe your finger up from the home button, you need to disable the Google Search App by swiping down from the right side of the black notification bar on top of Android’s screen, and press on the Settings button >Apps>All>Google Search. First, you need to uninstall Google Search App’s updates, and then press the Disable button.

You also need to uninstall other Apps like alternative search engines and browsers, and other apps like third-party search and browser apps which use the Google Android Search Ring to launch its app, so the Navigation Bar Ring does not show up when you long press the home button, or swipe up from the home button.

Disabling Google Search’s app, and uninstalling Apps which use the Navigation bar Search Ring will free up RAM, CPU resources, and storage space used by third party apps which use the Search Ring in Google Android, so your phone may run faster.

If you need to use Google Search, you can open up Google Chrome Browser, or other browser, and search by typing on the Address bar like the desktop version of Chrome. You can also go to Google.com on a browser app to search Google.

For more advance users, they can uninstall the Google Search App on rooted Android devices, so they get back about 26 MB of storage space, or they can install a custom Android ROM which does not have the Navbar search ring, or Google Search installed by default.

There is also an App called Navbar Diasabler which let you make the Swipe up from the Navbar do nothing. This is a good app if you need to use the Google Search App, but don’t want the Swipe up from the navigation bar to do anything.

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