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Slim Cleaner 4.0 – Fast, Simple and Slim Windows System Utility Program

Slim Cleaner 4

Slim Cleaner 4.0 is a free simple to use system utility program which is for maintaning Windows to keep it running well. Slim Cleaner has a Cleaner which removes junk files left over from Windows, and programs installed in Windows, and un-needed registry keys which take up space in your computer, and could make your PC slower, and unreliable. I like the easy to use and stylish user interface in Slim Cleaner, and that I can easily restore startup programs and services, and web browser add-ons if I want to turn them back on in the future.

Slim Cleaner also uses its active user community to determine which startup programs, services, and web browser are safe to disable, and which are best to not disable.

One of the most useful tools in Slim Cleaner 4.0 is the Optimize tool which is for removing unwanted startup programs, and services, so your computer starts up faster.  There is a ratings section for each entry, so you are less likely to disable good entries, and it warns you not to disable good programs.

Slim Cleaner can also be used to uninstall programs which you installed on your computer, and updates from Windows Update which you don’t need anymore, or could be uninstalled. Uninstalling programs free up disk space, and could make Windows faster because the program is no longer running in the background after it is installed.

The Browser section in Slim Cleaner lets users disable unwanted add-ons and toolbars which may make your web browsing experience slower because the add-ons and toolbars which you installed on your browser is using up a lot of RAM, and CPU resources which could make your web browser unreliable. You can disable add-ons and toolbars for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari web browsers. It is also possible to change your homepage  to your desired homepage website for your web browser in Slim browser.

Slim Browser also has disk Summary for seeing how much used and free space your hard drive is using. It also has Disk Analyzer to see which folders, and files use up the most space. There is a free space wiper, and file shredder in Slim Cleaner to securely erase files, and deleted files to protect your privacy. There is also a disk defrag program for defraging a hard drive for faster hard disk performance by rearranging a computer files for faster performance. A Duplicate file finder to find space wasting duplicate files where you have two versions of the same file on the same drive, but at different folder locations on the drive.

In the Windows tool section, there are shortcuts to control panel, device manager, system restore, Windows Update, and other Windows tools.

The Hijack Tool is used to remove hard to remove startup programs like malware, virus, spyware, etc which your antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, and program uninstaller failed to remove.

Download your free copy of Slim Cleaner 4 free at slimcleaner.com. The installer size is under 1MB in size, so it downloads, and install quickly in Windows.

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