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CCEnhancer add more junk file locations for CCleaner to clean to save more space in Windows 8 7 Vista XP


Faster performance, more free space on your hard drive, increase privacy, faster scan disk and defrags are the main advantages of having more free space on your hard drive after cleaning it with CCleaner’s Disk Cleaner utility, and using CCEnhancer will increase the free hard drive space on your computer while protecting your privacy by deleting your internet and user history.

CCEnhancer is a simple program which add more junk file locations for CCleaner made by Piriform to clean. CCEnhancer is very simple to use. You open CCEnhancer with Windows, and click the “Download Latest” button, and CCEnhancer would download the latest Junk File Locations to CCleaner.

After CCEnhancer has downloaded, and installed the new junk file locations, it would ask you if you want to run a CCleaner disk cleanup.

Click the Yes Button, and wait for CCleaner to load. Click on the Applications tab in CCleaner’s Cleaner section, and check the locations which you want to clean junk files off of.

When you are done checking all the checkboxes in Applications, and Windows tab in the Cleaner section, click Analyze to see how much space you saved. Afterwards, click Run Cleaner to delete all the junk files like internet cache, history, and temporary internet and system files which you don’t need.

It usually takes under a minute to cleanup Junk files off of your computer with CCleaner, and I usually get back a few hundred MBs of free space, or 1-2 GBs of free space if I did not do a disk cleanup in a long time.

The other features which CCleaner has is a free space disk wiper to make deleted files a lot harder to recover, registry cleaner to remove junk registry entries, startup manager to disable or remove startup programs, program uninstaller for removing third party programs which you, or your computer maker installed on your PC, Duplicate File Finder, System Restore Remover to delete un-needed system restore to save hard drive space, and Drive Wiper to wipe free space to make deleted files harder to recover.

I have been using CCleaner for many years, and it works great. After I found CCEnhancer, CCleaner works even better because it removes even more junk files which is using up hard drive space.

You can download CCEnhancer for free at singularlabs.com/software/ccenhancer/

If you do not already have CCleaner on your Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP computer, you can download it for free at piriform.com/ccleaner

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