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Getting Back more free storage space on Google Android for installing more apps and games

Most Google Android devices like smartphones and tablets have a limited amount of storage space on the device. The easiest way to get back free space is to uninstall apps and games which you never use. Some apps like News Readers, Web Browsers, and Web search apps let you empty the cache, history, and other files to free up space while protecting your privacy after you  cleared the apps history.

The benefits of getting back more free space is that you would have more space to install the apps and games which you want to install, and your tablet and smartphone may startup faster.

You can use Google Androids built-in app uninstaller in the app settings section to uninstall apps, or you can use a third party app uninstaller like Clean Master which is available from Google Play or the Amazon App store. Clean Master also has a cache and history cleaner which can free up more space, but I don’t recommend clearing the cache to some apps like games since I notice with CSR Racing for Android clearing CSR Racing for Android deletes the game saves as well. But, clearing the cache should be fine for apps like web browsers, news readers, etc where there are no saves.

Some apps like Web browsers, news readers, search engines and media apps let you clear your history, cache, temporary files, and many other types of files when you open the cleaner app built-into the settings for the apps. When you clear the history, you can save a little bit of space.

Using the mobile website for Facebook, Twitter, and other popular sites instead of installing their apps with Google Play could use less space since you can always clear the internet history on your web browser after you are done using Facebook, or Twitter, so the space is not always used up with the Facebook or Twitter App. Plus, your phone or tablet may run a little faster because Facebook and Twitter apps are not always running in the background using up RAM, and CPU cycles.

You can’t uninstall Apps which come with Google Android like Currents, Google Plus, and YouTube unless you root your phone or tablet. But, In Android 4.2 Jellybean, and lower, you can clear data, clear cache, and even disable apps like Currents, Google Plus, and YouTube from Android which can free up some space after clearing the data in Android.

You can connect your computer and tablet or smartphone to each other via USB to move or delete download files which you no longer need which you downloaded to your tablet. I notice there are folder labeled “Cache” which contains a lot of files. pictures, and text, and I usually delete the files inside the folders called “cache” to free up space, and it works at freeing up more free space on my storage. You can also use File Manager apps to delete unwanted, and cache files in folders labeled cache.

Adding a MicroSD memory card to your phone or tablet if your device contains a MicroSD memory card can increase your storage space for your personal files like pictures, music and documents.

By uninstalling unused apps, emptying your internet history, and moving or deleting apps, you would free up more storage space on your Google Android tablet, and smartphone, so you would have more space for installing other apps, and games onto your phone or tablet.

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