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Making Wireless internet more reliable faster use less data on Google Android Smartphones and Tablets

A slow or unreliable wireless internet signal can sometimes be easy to fix in Google Android without making any or many changes to your settings in Google Android. It can be as simple as restarting your tablet, or smartphone which runs Google Android, or using a different web browser.

If it is possible, sit closer to your wireless router, so the signal is stronger, or move the wireless router closer to where you are sitting. Try using your smartphone, or tablet without a case,  hold your device differently, or more steadily by putting it on a table, or stand to see if by holding it more steadily, or with a stand your wi-fi performance is better.

There are Wi-Fi Analyzer for Google Android which let you see how strong a wireless signal is, and pick the best open wireless connection to connect to if you are in public.

Going into your wireless router settings, and changing the wireless broadcast channel settings to a different channel like, 1,6, or 11 can make your wireless signal disconnect less, and have better range and performance. You can usually learn how to learn how to change the settings of your wireless router channel in the instruction manuals, or your router’s website.

Sometimes by just restarting your Wi-fi router, disconnecting Android from your Wi-Fi, and reconnecting to Wi-Fi, or restarting your phone or tablet can solve problems with Wi-Fi related to speed, range, and reliability.

In the Wi-Fi settings in Google Android Jellybean 4.1 and above in the advance settings for Wi-fi, you can disable the power saving setting for Wi-Fi to save battery life with Wi-Fi to see if it makes any difference to your wireless performance.

Uninstall third-party Apps  which you do not use, but use the internet like Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and other apps which use the internet to send you messages, and notifications. Apps can sometimes cause Android to be slow, and use up Internet bandwidth. By uninstalling apps which check for status updates, and new messages, you can save a little bit of data as well.

I notice the YouTube App for Google Android load videos slower or freezes more than the mobile website version of YouTube for Google Chrome Android Edition which uses the web YouTube video player on YouTube’s mobile website which loads videos instantly and rarely slowdown, so use mobile websites instead of apps for improve video playback performance. Google Chrome Web Browser is the best web browser for browsing YouTube on Android in my experience. Google Chrome comes pre-loaded in Google Android 4.1-4.2 Jellybean, and you can find Google Chrome for Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. For older versions of Android, I recommend Dolphin Browser which seems like the fastest full featured web browser for Android.

Opera Mobile has Opera Turbo built-in which is a setting in Opera Mobile which compresses websites, so websites load faster, and use less data when you turn on Opera Turbo in the settings. Opera Mobile is good to use when your internet is slow or you have a low data plan like 100MB or less per month.

Installing the latest updates for your apps, and the Google Android Apps when they are available can make your Android device’s wi-fi more reliable, and faster because of fixes release in the most up to date version. Updating your Wireless router firmware when new updates to the firmware are release could also make your wireless router have better range, performance, and reliability.

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