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Canakit Raspberry Pi 2 Micro-USB Power Supply – Powerful Reliable 2.5A 5V Micro-USB Power Supply for Raspberry Pi 2

CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 2 Power Supply (UL Listed) is s Micro-USB power supply for powering my Raspberry Pi 2 which now has 4 USB ports. The power supply is powerful enough to power my overclocked Raspberry Pi 2 where I overclocked the CPU to 1GHz, and the RAM, and video chip to 500 MHz. I don’t experience any random reboots, or shutdowns when I use Canakit’s power supply to power my Raspberry Pi 2. The power supply is also very affordable because it cost only $9.99 on Amazon.com.

The power supply is specially designed to provide reliable power to the Raspberry Pi 2.

According to Canakit’s website, this power adapter works with all version of the Raspberry Pi like the 1, 2, Model A, Model B, Model B+, etc.

The Power Supply Outputs 5V DC / 2.5A Regulated , and Input: 100 – 240VAC, so it provides enough DC 5 Volts voltage, and 2.5 AMP currents to reliably power the Raspberry Pi 2 even when I overclock the Pi 2 to 1GHz for the CPU and 500MHz for the RAM, and video chip, and I have four USB devices which are a USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB Canakit Wifi Adapter, and USB Flash drive plugged into the four USB ports on the Raspberry Pi 2’s circuit board. I like that the power supply does not get hot when I use the Raspberry Pi for many hours, or use it to watch HD video files. The 100 – 240 VAC Input means you can use this power supply in North America which uses 100-110V electricity, and you can use it in other countries which use 200-240V and higher voltages when you use the proper power adapter.

The length of the cord is 5 feet, so it is long enough to reach my Raspberry Pi 2 even when I use a power outlet near th floor which is farther away from my Raspberry Pi 2 which is on my desk. The Micro-USB plug on the power cable is attached to the power adapter, and the Micro-USB plug attaches tightly to the Micro-USB power port on the Raspberry Pi 2, so I don’t need to worry about the power cable getting loose while I am using the Pi 2. The cable is also flexible, so I can use it in tight places. The Power supply size is small because it does not block the power outlets on the sides of the adapter. It is about the same size of most chargers for smartphones. The power supply can also be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and eReaders with Micro-USB charging ports according to question and answers on Canakit’s Micro-USB power supply Amazon page. The electrical power outlet prongs on the back of the power supply fit tightly onto my electrical outlet on the power supply, so the power supply won’t get loose causing an unwanted shutdown even if you accidentally push the power supply when plugged in. The power supply also has 2 ridged grips on each sides of the power supply, so you can more easily pull it out when you properly shutdown the Pi, so the lights on the Pi’s circuit board are off. Once you shutdown the Raspberry Pi, you need to unplug the power supply to fully turn off the power, and plug it back in, so the Pi will restart/turn-on again.

Canakit Micro-USB power supply is also UL listed, so it was tested by UL to be safe to use as Micro-USB power supply for powering electronics which use a Micro-USB power supply for power.

I also like the rounded right side on the Power supply which makes it easy for me to see how to plug in the Pi to the power outlet. I need to plug the round side on the bigger slot on the power outlet, and the flat side is the side of the smaller electrical outlet prong on the power supply.

Canakit’s Micro-USB power supply for the Raspberry Pi 2 is a powerful, and reliable Raspberry Pi 2 power supply which can provide enough power to power up my Raspberry Pi 2 even when I overclock it, and use all four USB ports on the Pi at the same time.

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