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Basic Browser FREE fast lightweight small file size Google Android web browser

Basic Browser Free for Google Android

Basic Browser Free is a simple web browser with a small app file size at only 201K, and only basic features. Basic Browser works well at displaying most websites I go to when I use my Google Android tablet. The load times for websites are pretty quick, and the web browser opens almost instantly after I tap on its app shortcut in Google Android’s homescreen launcher.

I like the easy to use black user interface in Basic Browser Free. The buttons are text based, so they load quickly, and are easy to read. The text on the buttons like X, Open Page, Search, Wiki, Back, Next, Cancel, and Use mobile view optimization are easy to understand, so this browser could be good for less tech savvy users who like descriptive text buttons instead of symbols/signs on buttons which they are not familiar with. There is also a short tutorial on the homepage of Basic Browser to teach users how to use it.

Basic Browser Free is also very reliable, and rarely freezes, crashes, or random stop working when I use it in Google Android.

Basic Browser has a checkbox which turns on a mobile optimization service to remove complex layouts like logos, un-needed images, and visual layouts from the pages to make websites load faster even on slower internet connections and devices like older smartphones with less RAM, and a slower CPU which can make loading bigger websites slower, and cause freezes.

There are buttons for going next/forward, and back a website, going to a URL, searching the internet with Google Search, searching wikipedia, clearing the address bar, and hiding the address bar. Basic Browser can also Handle PDF and some office files. Basic Browser Free can play music embedded on a website’s html5 audio player. It can also play audio on video files, but video does not play on videos on video players on website when I use Basic Browser Free on Google Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on my Asus Nexus 7 2012 tablet.

There is a settings button to show the address bar, buttons, and keyboard for Android. The settings button is located at the bottom of the browser where the navigational bar for Android is.

Basic Browser Free is compatible with very old version of Android like Android 1.5 and up.

You can buy the paid version of Basic Browser Free to remove the ad banner under the address bar. The paid version also is 41k in size which is 160K smaller than the free version . The paid version is almost 80% smaller in size than the free version.

Basic Browser does not save your browsing history, so people can’t figure out what sites you visited in Basic Browser by looking at the history because there is no history. Basic Browser is a good browser for people who want a more private web browser which does not save their browsing history.

Basic Browser Free is a simple, reliable, and nice web browser for Google Android users looking for a basic, lightweight, small file size, web browser for browsing the web on their Google Android device.

Download Basic Browser free at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=steffen.basicbrowserfree

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