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iLunascape Web Browser Fast, Lightweight, Simple, Feature-rich Google Android Web Browser

iLunascape Google Android Mobile Web Browser

iLunascape is a fast, lightweight, simple, and feature rich Google Android Web Browser for Smartphones, and Tablets.

iLunascape starts up in seconds after tapping the shortcut for it on my homescreen. It runs pretty well right after I start up and unlock Google Android, and when I have many other apps open.iLunascape does not seem to use a lot of RAM, and CPU cycles because it does not slow down my device when I use it. It also loads websites in a few seconds. iLunascape scrolls up and down websites is pretty smoothly without any noticeable lag and freezing problems. I can have 6 tabs open at once. Opening many tabs does not slow down this browser.  It also plays videos from YouTube and other online video sites pretty smoothly without any loading problems or random pauses caused by downloading problems when I use it on my Wi-Fi connection.

Adding bookmarks by tapping on the Star icon in the address bar, editing bookmarks, re-ordering bookmarks in folders, and making folders to store bookmarks is easy to do in iLunascape’s bookmark manager and browser. In the settings, you can setup bookmarks and search results to open in new tab.   There is a Firefox/Lunascape desktop browser sync to import your Bookmarks from your desktop browser to iLunascape’s bookmarks section. It is also possible to save websites as a .html website file, or a .jpeg picture file to view saved websites without an internet connection by opening the .html, or .jpeg website screenshot to view offline. iLunascape also works with social networking, and sharing apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper, and e-mail, so you can easily share links on social networks, or save articles to read offline with Apps like Instapaper.

The History section in iLunascape is also located next to the Bookmarks section in the browser, so you can easily visit sites which you were previously on in the past. Deleting your History, Cookies, and Cache is simple. I just need to open the settings menu, and go to the Privacy settings, and tap on Delete History to clear my browsing history, and data. It is also possible to change the browser’s user agent to IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera or Lunascape  display a desktop site, or to hide your browser from website by changing your user agent to a different user agent. It also has user agents for other mobile phones like iPhone which is useful if a website does not have an Android version of the site because the website owner did not make his website compatible with Android devices. I can also add my own Custom useragent by typing it in the Custom text box in the user agent setting.

One of the bestthings about iLunascape is that almost all websites display the mobile version of the site when I keep the user-agent at the default value which is iLunascape, so I don’t need to change the user-agent to iPhone, Android, etc most of the time. Using the mobile version of a website with a mobile theme would download the website faster because the file size of mobile sites are smaller because mobile sites don’t usually have as many big pictures, and videos as the desktop version of the site. You’ll also save a lot of bandwidth/data by browsing on the mobile site instead of the desktop site because there are fewer images, and videos on a mobile sites. Mobile sites also run faster on a smartphone or tablet because mobile sites have fewer scripts, videos, animated gifs, and pictures which can slow down slower smartphones and tablets.

iLunascape has “Norton Secured Seal” which tells you that the website you are on is safe to be on, and secure. There is also auto-fill passwords in iLunascape for saving your passwords to login to sites like e-mail, blogs, and bank websites. iLunascape also can view HTTPS sites like banking,search engines, e-mail, and social networking sites which use a secure SSL connection to encrypt your connection to protect your username and passwords, and connection from hackers.

The Web browser is only 2.3 MB in size which is smaller than other browsers for Android which sometimes can be up to 20MB or more in size. There are also no unwanted, or un-needed features which I don’t want like voice search, cloud acceleration, preloading or finger gestures like other browsers I used.

iLunascape InReach user interface is very minimal, and is designed to be easily use with only one thumb finger while the rest of your hand holds the phone or small tablet. There are just the important buttons like search, back, forward, refresh/stop, bookmarks, tabs, and address bar all located at the bottom where the back, home, and recent apps navigational toolbar is located in Android. The Tabs and navigational buttons are at the bottom of the browser, so they are easy to reach when holding a smartphone with one hand, and using your thumb to tap on buttons, and type. It is possible to show, and hide the tabs bar by clicking on the tabs button on the navigational bar at the bottom. Opening new tabs and closing new tabs is simple. I just need to press the Plus button on the tab bar to open a new tab, and press the X button to close the tab. It is also possible to long press on a tab to close the current tab, or close all other tabs. The title bar is also disabled by default to save space on a screen. The buttons, and tab bar are also not too big where it takes up a lot of screen space. As I scroll down the page, the Address bar also hides itself until I scroll to the top again which saves screen space to use for viewing more of the website I am currently on.

I like the black and gray button user interface colored theme of iLunascape because the design gives the web browser a sleek modern feel without being overly distracting with bright colors. The toolbars and buttons also has a slight 3D gradient effect giving it a futuristic look.

iLunascape address bar search let you change the search engine to Google, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, TripAdvisor, Amazon, eBay and other sites. You can also highlight words and phrases in the browser to search online with Google. It is possible to search for keywords, and phrases on the website which iLunascape is currently on.

iLunascape is a modern web browser which is fast, sleek, reliable, easy to use, and has many useful features like a bookmark manager where I can create folders to organize, and store bookmarks.

You can download and install iLunascape from Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.lunascape.android.ilunascape

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