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FileHippo Update Checker – Easily Find updates for Windows software in one click

File Hippo update checker

FileHippo Update Checker is a small program which scans your computer for updates to programs like web browsers, antivirus, office suites, media players, etc.

It is important to install the latest updates for your software like web browsers, antivirus, and office suites to improve your computer performance, fix problems, and prevent computer security problems like virus infections by installing the latest version of your software on your computer. Updating your programs may also free up hard drive space because newer versions of the program use less hard drive space sometimes.

All I have to do is open File Hippo Updater by clicking the shortcut icon on my desktop or startmenu in Windows, and FileHippo automatically scans my computer for programs which need updating.

FileHippo notify me which programs I need to update from my default web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome, and also provides me with a installer download link from FileHippo to update the program which needs updating.  I do not need to make any online account to use Update Checker.

The program update checker scans and results usually take only a few seconds to complete in my experience.

The download speeds of FileHippo.com website are pretty fast on my Cable High speed internet connection. The website is easy to use, and fast loading.

I like that File Hippo does not require me to use a program downloader like other sites, and also does not bundle third party web browser toolbars like other download sites for Windows.

You can download your free copy of FileHippo Update checker for Windows at http://filehippo.com/updatechecker It is only 256 KB in size which is less than 1MB, so it would onlt take a seconds to download.

FileUpdater does not update all your software like PC games, Windows Update, virus definition updates, and antimalware definition updates, so you would still need to manually check for updates for some software.

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