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Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro, Great USB PS/2 Keyboard with 2 USB ports for Raspberry Pi

I have been using the Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro on the Raspberry Pi and Desktop computer. I like that the cable also has a PS/2 plug which I use to plug it into my Windows 8 and Lubuntu Linux dual boot desktop computer, and I use the keyboards USB plug to plug it into the Raspberry Pi’s USB port by using a short USB extension cable which I got from a USB flash drive which came with a USB extension cable.  This keyboard having both a USB, and PS/2 plug on the cable makes it possible for me to share the keyboard between my Raspberry Pi which uses a USB port for the keyboard, and my desktop computer which uses a PS/2 port for connecting a keyboard.

There are also 2 USB ports on the keyboard which I can use on the keyboard. I plug in my USB mouse into the keyboard, and sometimes use the other USB port on the cable to plug in a USB flash drive. Using this keyboard with 2 USB port is great for the Pi because I am now only using 1 USB port on the Pi instead of 2 because the keyboard is also connected to my mouse via USB, so I can use the 1 empty free USB port on my Pi to plug in a USB hard drive, or Wi-Fi adapter. I now don’t need to plug in a USB hub to use a USB keyboard, mouse, and storage drive because the keyboard has a built-in USB hub with 2 USB ports. The USB ports are USB 1.0 ports, so they are fast enough for devices like USB mouse, and USB flash drives which are used to open music files, documents, and photos, but the USB 1.0 port is not fast enough for playing HD video off a USB 2.0 flash drive.  I usually use the Raspberry Pi’s USB port to open video files on a USB 2.0 flash drive. I also have a 4 port USB 2.0 hub which I use to connect my Pi to a USB Flash drive, USB external hard drive and USB Wi-Fi adapter.

The Keyboard cable with both the USB and PS/2 cable attach to it feels very well made, and thick, so it is unlikely to break. The USB plug and PS/2 keyboard plug also looks pretty durable.

I like the simple white design of the keyboard with the gray multimedia, and web browser buttons on top.  The Microsoft Logo is also not very distracting, and blends well with the keyboard. The keyboard does not look overly modern, and manly like many keyboards which are on sale these days.

This keyboard is one of the most comfortable and quality keyboards which I owned because it has a comfortable wrist rest on the bottom, and the key layout is slightly curve which makes typing on the keyboard more comfortable.  I can also type for many hours straight without getting my hands as tired compared to using the regular rectangle shape keyboards. I notice the keyboard is also quiet when I type on it. The keys also don’t get stuck where it stays down, and wont come up sometimes like cheaper keyboards which I owned. It also is easy to type on this keyboard because I do not need to use much pressure to hit the keys with my fingers while typing. I also like that there the left handed keys like a s d f and right handed keys like j k l ; are separated by a gap which helps with learning how to type properly.

The arrow keys, and number pad keys are pretty easy to use. I used this keyboard mainly for typing documents, and sometimes use it for playing computer games. The keyboard is very responsive when I use it, and it is good for playing fast pace games like shooters, and racing games. I like that the Caps Lock key has a wider gap between the A key, so I am less likely to hit the Caps Lock key when I press the A key.

I also notice the keyboard’s letters, number, and characters label on the top of the keys do not fade off after many years of using the keyboard, and the keyboard’s button texture still feel pretty nice after many years of use.

There are also a lot of multimedia, web browser, and shortcut keys on the top of the keyboard which I find useful.

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