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AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired Mouse, Good Cheap $7 Mouse for Raspberry Pi, and other PCs

I have been using a $6.99 AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired Mouse for a few month on my Raspberry Pi, and the mouse works pretty good when I used it for a few months till now. It also works for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop and laptop computers with USB ports as well. The Amazon Basic Mouse is the cheapest good quality wired mouse I can find on Amazon for under $8. I prefer wired computer mouses because it gets it’s power from my USB port, so there is no batteries to charge, or change like a wireless mouse. Wired mouses are also lighter because there are no batteries inside the mouse which make the mouse slightly heavier from the weight of the battery for the mouse. Wired mouses also don’t have wireless interference and cursor slowdown problems because wired mouses are directly connected to a computers USB port. Plus, there is also no USB wireless mouse signal transmitter to lose like a wireless mouse.

The long 4.92 foot USB cable is useful as well since I can put my computer farther away from my desk, and still have a long enough wire length to use the mouse. The wire is also not very stiff, and heavy, so it is easy to move the mouse around without moving my hand a lot. The mouse is also very lightweight as well, so it glides pretty easily when I move it with my hand. The USB plug is also easy to plug in, and remove, and fits tightly in the Pi’s USB port, so it won’t randomly get unplugged. The USB plug on the mouse also does not block the second USB port on the Raspberry Pi. I tested this mouse on an old USB 1.0 USB hub, and a newer USB 2.0 USB hub, and the mouse works with both types of USB ports. It should work with USB 3.0 ports on newer computers as well because USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. This mouse is good for controlling a Raspberry Pi which is plugged into a Television set to use multimedia operating system  for the Pi like Rasbmc, and Open Elec, or using the Pi as a game console to play old games like Quake 3 since the wire is long enough where I can control the mouse from a few foot away, and the small mouse can be put on the TV stand when not in use.

The mouse is pretty easy to setup because it works after I plugged it into my Pi’s USB port, and plugged in my Pi. There is no need for extra software to install to use the mouse. I used it on Raspbian, OpenElec, Rasbmc, PuppyLinux, and other Pi compatible operating system, and it works on them all. The mouse is very responsive because the mouse’s bottom/feet, and  optical sensor is a HD 1000 DPI. It moves pretty well on on my clothe mouse pad and wooden table. The buttons, and scroll wheel are also very responsive as well when I click them, and roll the scroll wheel.

This wired mouse also uses very little power, and I can use it on an un-powered USB hub which also has a USB keyboard, Wifi adapter, and a Flash drive plugged into it at the same time.

The buttons, and scroll wheel are also very quiet when I click on them, and roll the scroll wheel. The mouse is good for web browsing, office work, and clicking on icons, and buttons on Raspbian, and programs like web browsers. I even use this mouse to play many hours of Quake 3, and Open Arena first person shooter games for the Raspberry Pi. It is good enough for casual gaming on easy settings, or playing against beginner gamers, but is not as good for playing on hard settings where the opponents run faster, and are harder to beat. I like the small size of the mouse because I can easily carry it around in a laptop bag. The shape of the mouse is comfortable as well, and the soft rubber texture feels nice as well when I touch the mouse. The Black matte/non-shiny color of the mouse looks nice, and it does not show fingerprint like shiny black plastic materials. The top of the mouse has a soft smooth leather feeling when I touch it.

The mouse also comes in an easy to open cardboard packaging which is easy to open with your hands, so I can quickly start using the mouse after Amazon delivered it to my house because the box is easy to open.

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