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Lubuntu 12.10 Great Simple Linux Operating System for older Computers


Lubuntu Linux 12.10 is a lightweight, simple, and feature rich operating system which is based on Ubuntu 12.10, but uses the LXDE lightweight desktop environment. The LXDE theme uses less RAM, CPU, video, and other system resources than other Linux desktop environment like KDE, Gnome, and Unity.

I can also install Lubuntu on a computer with only 5GB of free space on its hard drive.

Lubuntu is also free like Ubuntu, and if you already have Ubuntu installed on your computer, you just need to install LXDE from the Ubuntu Software Center, and switch your desktop environment to the LXDE environment instead of using Unity.

Using less system resources means Lubuntu can run faster on older computers with less RAM,  a slower CPU, and video card. LXDE also  make your computer run cooler, and use less power because it does not have to work as hard to run Lubuntu.  Your computer may run cooler since Lubuntu does not make your hard drive spin up a lot, it does not use a lot of CPU cycles, and it uses very little RAM for a modern operating system.

Lubuntu also starts up and shutdown faster on older computers compared to Windows which can take a long time to start up on older computer.

The Lubuntu desktop is similar to the Windows, and Linux Mint desktop with a start menu on the bottom left for opening programs. Programs also open in program windows like Windows 7, Linux Mint, and OS X.

Installing programs in Lubuntu is easy. I just need to open the Lubuntu Software Center to search for programs to install, and clicking the install button.

Programs like Firefox, Gimp Image editor, and Google Chrome also open and run faster in Lubuntu than Windows 8, and 7 on a computer with only 1GB of RAM, 1.86GHz CPU, onboard Intel video, and 320GB hard drive. Programs run in Lubuntu also rarely crashes, and freeze compared to Windows in my experience. When Lubuntu is idle, and have no running programs, it only uses about 200MB of RAM vs 1 GB like Windows, so computers with only 256MB-384MB of RAM could run Lubuntu without as much slowdown as newer Windows based computers.

What I like about Ubuntu, and Lubuntu is it does not require an antivirus and firewall software because there are very few security problems for Linux, so no security software is needed. It is also easy to update Lubuntu because it notifies you when you need to install updates, and all updates are free to install.

Lubuntu is also easy to install since you can install it by using the Windows Ubuntu Installer found on the Ubuntu install disc, or you can download wubi at http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/windows-installer , and you just pick Lubuntu as the desktop environment when filling out the installation form to make a dual boot Windows + Lubuntu computer.

You can also install Lubuntu by starting your computer from the Lubuntu install CD which you can download the CD image ISO file to burn to a CD from http://lubuntu.net/

You need a program like ImgBurn, CDBurnerXP, Nero, or Roxio to burn the ISO to CD with the ISO/Disc Image burner program.

When you start your computer from the Lubuntu CD, it will start your computer into the Lubuntu desktop on the CD, and there is a Install icon which you press to start the install process to install Lubuntu on your PC. You can choose to install Lubuntu  on the entire hard drive, or install it along side an existing operating system like Windows by following the step by step instructions during the install.

Lubuntu is a great easy to use Linux based operating systems for older computers, or users who want better performance without upgrading their CPU, RAM, and hard drive. It is also great for users who are familiar with Linux Mint, Windows, and other Windows-like operating system with a startmenu, taskbar, and Windows.

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