Make YouTube in Google Android load videos faster, and slow down less

by Johnson Yip on April 6, 2013

Sometimes YouTube videos in Google Android tend to slow down where I need to wait a few seconds for them to play without any freezing, buffering, and connection+playback errors. There are simple things you can do like Turning off HD in the Mobile App for YouTube when playing video, and turning off HQ in YouTube mobile site will make videos download/stream faster. All you need is tap on the HD shortcut in the YouTube App, and Tap on the HQ shortcut to switch to a lower video quality to increase the speed of video downloads.

The playback errors are mostly related to a slow Wi-Fi wireless signal and slow Internet connection from my ISP in my experience.

The first thing you should do if possible is sit closer to your Wi-Fi router, or connect to a faster Wi-Fi signal with a stronger signal if there is a open wi-fi connection. You can also buy a new wireless router, or Wi-Fi extender/booster for boosting your Wi-Fi router’s wireless signal.

Changing the broadcast wi-fi channel of your Wi-Fi router could help as well. I notice Channel 1 and 6 are usually the best wireless channels in my home, but 11-13 are not as good. Channel 1 and 6 are lower frequency channels, so they can go farther, and pass through walls easier than high frequency channels for Wi-Fi. Making sure your other computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones connected to the same network/internet connections are not downloading and uploading big files will help speed up your internet connection for YouTube, and turning off Apps which you are not using can help make your internet connection has more free bandwidth to download YouTube videos.

In some routers, there is a multimedia, gaming mode, QoS/Quality Of Service service, and high power antennae mode which could help with Wi-Fi speeds by optimizing your wireless signal strength, and networking settings inside your router.

In YouTube Official App setting, there is a preloading function which you can turn on to preload videos on your phone’s storage when your phone is charging, Your device is ON, and Wi-Fi or Internet is ON. However, it preloading may make your phone take longer to charge, use more battery life, and slow down your phone’s performance. There are plenty of YouTube video downloaders on 3rd-party app stores like 1mobile, getjar, and for Windows, so you can download videos to watch at a latter time, and not worry about slow loading videos because of poor bandwidth internet speeds.

You can also pause the video for a few seconds, and wait for the status bar to fill up before playing the video, so you don’t experiences freezes and buffering when watching video on YouTube.

Try holding your phone or tablet higher, or in different positions to see if it helps. I notice when my tablet is laying on its back on a table, the Wi-Fi signal speed, and strength are lower than when I hold it higher pointing toward my head while holding it with one hand.

If you use a metal or thick case for your phone or tablet, remove them to see if the case is causing problems with Wi-fi wireless Internet being slow or the signal not very strong.

Microwaves, wireless phones, and other devices which uses the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency can slow down your Wi-Fi signal as well.

I notice using YouTube mobile site by going to with Google Chrome Browser for Android seem to make videos load faster, and they are less likely to slow down, skip, or buffer compared to the YouTube Android app which seem to load videos slower, and make videos skip and buffer more. The search function in the mobile website for YouTube also seems better than the app version.

Update to the latest version of Google Chrome for Android, and YouTube App for Android when updated for them become available on Google Play because updates for apps usually fixes problems on older versions of the app.

You can also try using alternative web browser for Google Android like Opera, Maxthon, Firefox, and UC Browser which sometimes even let you download your videos to watch at a latter time even when you are not connected to the web. I found Opera, and UC web browser to be the best at playing video streams from YouTube.

Pressing the pause button, and waiting for the status bar to fill up more before you press play would make YouTube videos buffer and skip less.

In the Wi-Fi settings in Android 4.1-4.2.2 Jellybean, there is an Advance option which let you turn-off battery optimization which may make your Wi-fi better by letting your Wi-Fi use more power.

The latest version of Google Android 4.3 is slightly faster, so if your phone or tablet has an update to Android 4.3 installing it will make the YouTube App, and web browsers faster.

Restarting your Smartphone, and Tablet may make it faster, and fix most problems which can slow down apps which make videos load slower.

You can also turn off the HD and HQ/High Quality settings in YouTube App or YouTube’s Mobile website when videos are playing by tapping on the HD and HQ button on videos when they are played. But, turning off HD and HQ would make videos looks less sharp. But, on many lowend and older phones which screens are low resolution and poorer quality. The decrease in quality may not be noticeable.

Switching to a faster Internet, and cell phone data service would make videos load faster, but you’ll have to pay more money per month. If you use a Google Android Netbook laptop, it may have a wired ethernet jack which you can plug in a wire connection for increase speed.

Turning off/exiting other apps like social networking apps, news readers, e-mail apps, syn, bluetooth, location awareness, NFC, etc may also help make your phone and tablet wi-fi faster, and improve your device;s performance.

Sometimes, it may be your device which make videos lag and take longer to load, or reload videos because of bad downloads like on the Kobo Vox which seem to suffer from bad video loading when loading YouTube videos where it loads the video, and need to redownload the video.

My advice is to sit closer to your wireless router, so your mobile device can more quickly download data, and re-download data which is corrupt, and needs to be redownloaded. Plus, there will be less interference when you sit closer to your wireless router.

Using a free Wi-Fi Signal booster App for Android like Signal Booster may help you boost your Wi-Fi signal for better playback and YouTube streaming speeds. If they dont work at speeding up your Wi-Fi, you’ll just waste a few minutes of your time, but you won’t need to spend any money like buying a new wireless router, and subscribing to faster internet which can cost hundreds of dollars.

The Google Nexus 7 tablets load YouTube videos pretty fast, and well in my experience when I use the YouTube Mobile site which plays videos in HQ instead of HD, and when my cable internet is fast during the night, or early mornings the YouTube App can easily and quickly stream videos without slowdowns even in HD video quality.

In some cases, your Internet Service Provider is slowing down internet traffic from YouTube on purpose, but if you use a VPN App for Android like VPN One Click to hide YouTube downloading, so your ISP would not slow down YouTube traffic because it can’t see that you are using YouTube. A VPN can also watch YouTube videos which are blocked in your country, and you can use a VPN to access blocked websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace which your school or workplace block because a VPN hides your internet browsing habbit, and also protects your privacy by password encrypting your internet traffic.


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